Wednesday 6 July 2011

An update on Monkey's Kindy...

If you've been with me since February this year, you will know that I have had some issues with Monkey's kindergarten.

I have previously discussed with the teachers that I am not happy with his portfolio and went back on Tuesday to look at his portfolio again.

There is one personalised learning story in it. He has been there six months.

There is one group learning story. He has been there six months.

I addressed the issue with the headteacher and was met with the "I understand where you are coming from as a mum but..." line and that may work on mums who have never been in the education system but it got me riled up! This gem was followed by "He visits us so seldom that it is hard to get a real idea of his learning..." I understand that to a point, he only went once a week for the first term and twice a week this term. However, if I was in that role I would be taking photos on the days he was there and then have photo stories JUST so that I could have something to put it in the portfolio. And then follow it up with a discussion about why it was hard to fulfil the requirements for assessment.

Today, Stud1 and I went to find him a new kindy. We found one that would be perfect if I was working and if I need to rush back to work and need him in full-day care I know where he is going.

And we found his (fingers crossed) forever kindy. I went in and was open about my expectations and why I am not happy with his current kindergarten and I hope that this will mean that he gets the attention he deserves and that I don't get branded as the "Bitch Mum".

But even if I do, I am sure he will be happy at this kindy.

Send us positive vibes please!!


  1. I hear you about being branded as the "Bitch Mum" but I think you're just playing an active role in your son's education.

  2. Thanks T, I like to think so too. But I can live with being a bitch. Someone has to stand up for him and demand the best... Cos no one else will!

  3. Sorry but his current kindy sounds useless. Mine have been doing daycare for a very very long time and I can tell you that there should definitely be much much more in his profile book than they are providing. It doesn't matter how often or how little he goes. Surely after a few weeks they'll start getting to know him (if they actually observed him). I must say our one and only experience with a kindy in Tawa was hugely disappointing, frustrating and we only stayed 3 days. I am all for proper daycare, but have been forever put off kindies thanks to that one we tried out.

  4. good on you for being proactive!! I'm glad you found a kindy better suited to you AND Monkey! :)


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