Thursday 12 May 2011

An external internal debate





Call it what you will, Monkey is in one. And I am not entirely sure I like it.

The teachers are great, the kids are mostly great, some of the parents I like. The resources are good and the facilities are good.

Now here is the BUT... (you knew it was coming)

I don't feel like they are pulling their weight but I am not sure if that's just because I expect more as a teacher.

He's been in Kindy since January. His portfolio took a week to be put together - nothing personal other than the photo on the front.

His portfolio still has nothing personal/individual in it other than a write up about the class' Teddy Bear Picnic and what I wrote as his introduction for the teachers.

I don't expect something new everyday or even every week but once a fortnight seems fair to me, especially if it's a group entry. I expected an anecdote from each teacher (there are four with thirty kids) to show that they knew who he was.

So am I expecting too much? Am I being pushy?

Arrgghh! It's this kind of thing that sits in my mind and bugs me at all hours of the night


  1. I definitely agree with you, there should be more effort in his profile book. They should show some of the things your child has been busy with, perhaps his individual interests, who he likes playing with, how he plays / interacts, showcase some of his art and they are supposed to say how it relates to their goals, etc. Personally we have not had a good experience with a particular kindy, but I have been very happy with the daycare centres my kids have been in. Okay granted, the one daycare center my eldest went to in Auckland and the one in the city has been better with their profile books than the ones my youngest have / are going to, but it is still better than what yours seems to be. Go chat to them and insist it gets updated.

  2. It's stuff like that that made me join Playcentre. Heh. For the MOE they should be doing stuff for his portfolio at least once a week. You aren't expecting too much. I'd bring it up with them and insist on more.

  3. This time my comment disappeared for sure!! Darned Blogger downtime! ;) Did you see it before it disappeared?


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