Friday 22 July 2011

Five Friday Favourites At Five

Thanks for reminding me of this cake T! I am drooling just thinking of it.
Great followers who recommend blogs that I fall in love with.
Color Me Katie was recommended by Lea over at Living Life Now in Kiwiland.

Limelight Cafe in UH - in the Expressions complex
They serve real food for children - not just nuggets and deep fried hotdogs. Monkey loved their beef pick-up sticks with raita. 
Think little kofta/seekh kebabs on skewers. They got the "We must make these at home, Mummy" vote of confidence.
For me the fact that they serve chocolate covered coffee beans with their coffee makes them a winner ;)

YOU! - for all your supportive comments on my venture into poetry  and no! there will be no vlogging in my future :P 

Monkey's wonderful imagination - I saw a party hat, he saw a bird beak. (excuse the quality of the video)

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