Friday 22 July 2011

And the award goes to.....


I placed second over all and won the People's Choice Award! The first place went to an amazing poem by a Kiwi studying poetry in New York, so I think I did pretty damn well to place second to her.  

My poem was voted the favourite of the night which is almost better than taking out first place. 
The competition's theme was "Generational".

The river within.

I was born to carve my way through the rocks of life,
at first rapidly, without thought nor care, towards the sea
I cut deep into the minds and bodies of those around me
wreaking havoc, breaking, eroding, 
yet, somehow, strengthening bonds.

I grew to understand my strength and widened my view
as I caressed new shores, at times prone to flooding my banks
I became sedate, almost sedentary, 
as I flowed onward through life,
riverlets flowed off into pastures greener, 
others joined me

I kept moving, even with moments of crystalline clarity,
I moved towards the end of my journey.
I widened my horizons,
dealt with the rapids and pollutants of life, 
learnt to balance them
within the confines of my experiences.

As I reach the end, the tang of salt in my life grows stronger
the need to carve my name deeply,
in the landscape of life, grows again.

One last breach of the banks, 
one last knuckle whitening fright
of life,
of passion. 
I am the river I grew up with.

I am changing.


  1. That is amazing! Well done! And what a great poem too.

  2. Absolutely adore! I had to read it twice as it is so beautiful, evocative, uplifting and full of passionate spirit. I felt as though I was racing along in the current as I read. Such fluid words and a great angle on the theme, 'Generational'. Congratulations! I would have loved to have heard you read (Vlog! Vlog!) tee hee xx

  3. Ka pai! Congratulations! :)

  4. Wow! It is incredible. I see a new career opening up!

  5. Well lovely lady! a huge CONGRATULATIONS are in order!!! :) Still wish we have a vlog to view though ;) hahahha

    Are you doing anything to celebrate your achievement?

  6. Wow. How do you do that?! It's brilliant and still easy enough to understand by non literates like me


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