Thursday 21 July 2011

They walk amongst us.

Today Monkey and I went to the cafe in our local mall for a well deserved bribe coffee. (Monkey had a babycino - no calls to CYFS please!) We were partaking in some people watching - it's school holidays after all. Or rather Monkey was. I was in that happy place after the third sip of coffee and before the last one.

As I phased back into listening mode this is what I heard.

"Oh my goodness Mummy! That man! THAT MAN!"

"Yes, what about that man? Remember to use your inside voice."

"That man, Mummy" his voice drops into a little boy whisper and he looked extra-serious - I waited to hear that the man had cancer or something - it was that kind of moment.... like an "I see dead people" moment now that I think come to think of it...

"That man is human."

He then looked at me as if he had just discovered gravity or a way to make my latte bottomless.

And I failed as a mother and LOLLED - a lot!


  1. LOL. That is sooo funny. I suppose it is a good observation too - not everybody acts human all of the time :-)

  2. Love it!!! Dont you love the things kids say????


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