Saturday 21 May 2011

It's the end of the world!

Happy Rapture Day!

I have it on good authority that the world is apparently ending at 10pm NZ time. (Thanks AI on FB).

It's been a blast.
I am saddened that we have never met in person and that I still haven't had that coffee that is pooped by some cat in PNG or somwhere.
I had a few more good posts to write and some pretty crap ones. But I can live with it.

Peace out and all that jazz!

And a great song taken from Lylas and Co's Sweet Rapture post.

(usual disclaimer about no offence etc but I'm guessing you're thankful that there'll be hell to pay later today.)


  1. 10pm hey? Well at least I will have mostly clean windows. and then we mowed the grass today. I wonder though - if it accounts for time differences? Or if it means that effectively New Zealand got mostly a whole Saturday whereas South Africa really will only just have begun their Saturday?

  2. Apparently that's the time for NZ accounting for time differences :)

  3. On, the Herald and the news, was meant to have been at 6pm NZ time. Guess he was wrong!(again)

  4. Things seem pretty quiet where I'm living - did New Zealand perhaps miss out on the end of the world? ;-)


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