Friday 27 May 2011

Five Friday Favourites at Five

Nook Color

  • Our new Nook Color. We got really lucky and got a reasonably priced one on TM. For my American readers - we only get one e-reader in NZ (as far as I can work out) and it's not nearly as useful as the Nook Color.

There have been a few issues getting books from Barnes and Noble but we have found a work around that seems to be working.

This will never replace actual books for me, but the ease of slipping it into my bag, having a distraction for Monkey, wi-fi and a book (or four) to read is very useful and it gets less wrecked than a paperback in my handbag.

  • I love that this is the last FFF@F until Stud1 goes on a month's leave! I am so excited!
  • Monkey's Kindy has asked me to do a refresher course on Interactive Whiteboards so that I can help them learn how to use their new one. I used to work with them in the UK and loved how they opened concepts up for boys in particular.
  • This post from Surviving a Two Year Old on what she does all day as a stay at home mum. I am so sorry to admit giggling all morning at the mental image of poop art!
  •  I learnt how to tie my shoes properly. Thanks TED!


  1. AHHHH, I felt my brain getting all bent feeling watching him tie his laces. But I will try it.

  2. I am still clutching my paperbacks with my white knuckles...slowly caving in to the e-reader. AHHHHHH!


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