Monday 21 January 2013

Lyrical Sunday: odds and ends from this week.

Mostly just snippets of poems and thoughts I've had over the week. 

I stumble beneath the weight of your words// falling to my knees in the dirt
Crushed and bleeding, lifting my hands//you turn washing your hands

His face closed as he raised his voice
She ducked her head and crossed her arms
The words fell, hitting closer to her heart
The faster he shouted them, the more she cowered,
Waiting, just waiting for the words to end
and his face to open, so that she'd know him again.

To merge and roll like a cloud, that would be ideal
To go with the flow of the world, to breathe the air as one


  1. HUGS

    Im sori for what youve been through
    it wasnt much of a way to live and didnt set any good examples to your son
    it will take time to heal
    however i think youre in a better place now
    praying for you my friend xoxo

  2. Your poetry always moves me tremendously and this one played out such a vivid scene in my mind. x


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