Saturday 19 January 2013

34 going on 19

I turned 34 on the 16th. I'm 34 but in some ways I'm still the dorky girl I was at 19 when I started dating Captain Awesome.

  • The one who blushes if she thinks someone is looking at her
  • The one who whispers her jokes in case she's not that funny
  • The one who is inadvertently inappropriate
  • The one who would rather sit and talk for hours than go to a pub
  • The one who doesn't think much of her skills
  • The one who is surprised when people think she's accomplished at something.
  • The one with the disregard to age and status
  • The one who wants to hold hands with you
  • The one who still believes in happily ever after
  • The one who refuses to believe that there are people you just cannot save.
  • The one who touches the people she's talking to
  • The one that doesn't realise when she's flirting
  • The one who is too scared to ask for what she wants 
  • The one who is afraid of hurting you or being rejected by you
  • The one who lives for reading books and talking about them
  • The one who has to have music on all the time

I'm starting to find my feet. But I am stumbling occasionally and will be eternally grateful to the ones who are helping me not skin my knees too badly.


  1. There are times when I am certain you and I are the same person - this list almost confirms it!

  2. youre a special person my friend


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