Wednesday 23 January 2013

A simple song of hope.

I've been listening to this song - Bowl of Oranges - for a good few weeks now. I hear something new every time I listen. Tonight I feel like I've been hit by an emotional road-train. They come and go... some days there are none and some days it's carnage.

Twelve weeks have passed since C.A moved out and on with his life. I'll be honest and say it's been a shitty twelve weeks but within the twelve weeks there have been moments like fireworks at night, a glaring brightness of clarity, a quiet glowing insight in to what was before. 

These insights have been found in words, in all forms. In things said, written or sent. In a tone of voice or a casual comment. The insights have hurt but also pushed me towards thinking of myself and for myself. I learn through communicating, I process through words and it scares some people. 

Within the words I find hope, your words and opinions swirl and spark, forming into an ember of hope. It hums within my soul, and I feel it growing stronger. 

I have hope and it's beginning to sing for itself, make itself heard.

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