Tuesday 1 February 2011

Edible hugs are my nemesis.

Now that I have adopted a healthier eating plan and am doing more exercise, I am left with one problem.

I will use the word "problem" because it is one. A big one. I used to reward myself with food. And console myself with it. Pretty much everything is was linked to food.

It still is.

It has been very hard not to go back to the old me and eat a bar of chocolate after a workout. Even if I DO deserve one for doing what I aimed to do. It's been hard not to have a super deluxe coffee with extra syrups etc, because I've been having a rough day with Monkey...

I don't know how to get past that need for an edible hug. The edible hugs are almost instant and relatively cheap. Magazines, books, DVDs are neither of those.

Am I too old to need a reward? 

Should I just make myself a sticker chart?

I hope that soon that crap about the exercise is the reward will actually be true. Or that life will just make me feel better - like that muffin did when the shit hit the fan at home/work/tv? 

But until then what do I do without my edible hugs?


  1. Sticker chart! We're never too old for rewards!!

    Different I know but when I stopped smoking I put aside what I would have spent and after 10 months I was able to buy my wedding dress out of it!

  2. For every kg I lost a few years back I put aside 10 bucks...after 12weeks I had 120 for a makeover!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is such a perfect way to describe it - "edible hug"! I do the same. If I've had a bad day I console myself with food, if I've had a good day I reward myself with food, and any free time I have is either spent thinking about food, making food or eating food. And I use food to show affection - if I love someone I cook them a nice meal, or make them a batch of brownies.

    Its really unhealthy but I haven't yet found anything I feel is a good replacement. Let me know if you find something!

  4. I agree - never too old!

    AND ARGH! I typoed over at SK! I typed that I was due "MAY 28" when I'm due MARCH 28!!!
    Feel free to re-enter and delete your previous comment...if you can be bothered.

  5. Edible hug, that's cute. I am a work/reward girl too. It's what got me through college, promotions, happy relationships so I say don't stop that philosophy just change it up a bit. What are non-food related rewards you'd like to give yourself? 30 minutes of peace and quiet? Chai Latte (not bad on calories, I checked)?

    If all else fails, there is a delicious 100 calorie snack on the market - a Hershey's chocolate covered pretzel that is FABULOUS! Justsayin' (smile).


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