Tuesday 1 February 2011

What would you do if you had no fear - 3

If I had no fear, I would bite the bullet and do a year in China.

Before Monkey is in school. 
What better way to learn (more) Mandarin and experience a new culture? 
And learn how to use chopsticks properly?

But do I have the courage to leave my home (again) and make new friends and new networks, in a foreign culture and language. I guess you'll have to watch this space...


  1. It has been a long term God given goal of mine to go to China one day and look after the orphans
    I probably wont go till the boys leave home

  2. It was always a dream of mine to adopt a little child from either China or Russia... Maybe in the future we will both fulfil our aims.

  3. Yes, you do! Think of it as an exciting interlude... all your friends will be here when you get back but you'd have an amazing experience and come back richer for it.


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