Monday 31 January 2011

What would you do if you had no fear - 2
If I had no fear, I would wear the clothes I love and not worry about what other people would think of me. 

Being judged, one of my biggest fears...

Any advice on how to quiet the voices in my head that scream "You can't wear that!" ??

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  1. They are only fashion risks if you give a DAMN what somebody else thinks.....soooo....wait for it....Stop giving a DAMN what somebody else thinks!

    I only allow two people in the whole world to have an opinion about what I'm wearing and that is my 16 year old daughter (for obvious reasons) and my husband (cause I have to sleep with him). And even then, I veto them.

    Like you, I used to care. I used to want to fit in but the truth is I am the only one buying my clothes. If someone wants to sponsor me and shoulder the expense, then I'll let 'em have a say.

    Live your Life. Be Happy.


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