Thursday 26 May 2011

Overheard in the Latte House...

Monkey is truly embracing his imagination and at the moment I have no idea what is going to pop out of his mouth. Here are some of the gems we've had this week.
"It's ok Mummy, I drew picture of you and I remembered to put a penis on it for you."
"But I am a girl I don't have a penis."
practically rolling his eyes "Mummy, everyone wants a penis. How else are they going to stand and pee?"

Mummy, I have a flame in my throat. If I cough enough the flame will come out and I will be a dragon. (Flame = phlegm)
Monkey lying on his stomach, feet in the air, arms stretched in front of him
"Mummy I am a dead fish."

"A dead fish?"
"Yes, I have no tail. When a fish has no tail, it dies. So I am a dead fish."

After being told off for slurping his milk -  "I have to slurp my milk - it gets my teeth to sparkle"
And the answer to everything - "But that's what Kian's do!"
What gems are being said in your home? Any you'd like to share?

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  1. "Mummy you can rind in THIS plane.."
    "Oh thanks I like riding in cargo planes"
    "Its NOT a cargo plane...its a Truckgo Plane"



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