Monday 28 March 2011

Brisbane - so far

I didn't have regular access to a laptop, let alone the internet, so here is a post I wrote last week. The first of a few inspired by Brisbane! Photos will follow as they are on Stud1s work laptop!

Well after a debacle of a first night (think Frat House on a railway line), we have moved into the Oxygen Apartments. They are centrally located and very much a home from home - only thing missing is a coffee plunger. But there are four cafes in a three minute walk in either direction. May I recommend Rosie's Cafe on Little Edward Street, a cheap, slightly dingy cafe with a heart of gold, great food and to my mind a small town diner feel - try their something to drool over - mmmmmmmmmm :D Although I now know for sure that Monkey is not an apartment kid! Glass tables and sticky fingers .... aaarggghhh!

I have learned a few things so far on my adventure.

The first being that a travel kit is ESSENTIAL on a plane trip. Monkey got so bored that even the entertainment device thingie didn't help. We flew Pacific Blue, they were good but it was a no frills event, including having to buy water which seemed slightly extreme. Monkey's kit had crayons, notebook, stickers, a small car, felt activities, chalk and small animals. I forgot to pack some story books in the hand luggage though. I think that a few books would have helped a lot with keeping him calm and relatively quiet!

Secondly Brisbane is hot. Face-meltingly hot! I have never sweated so much in my life - a post to follow on just how bad - with some photos if I am brave (TMI - I know!) In all honesty I have never been so hot! (EDIT - I've been out of SA's heat for 10 years so am now used to being hot when it's 20C) It's not just the heat, it's the humidity that pushes it over the edge. Pushing the buggy with Monkey in it uphill is going to be the end of me...

I am fitter than I thought, I did a 12km round trip walk  yesterday and only just managed to not need to have a lung transplant. I want to come back to see the gardens in their full splendour and less mud.

The people here are very friendly and Monkey is making friends everywhere. Brisbane CBD is proud to be a melting pot of cultures and, by golly, it is! I haven't heard an Aussie accent yet! I love places like China Town with their hawkers and cheap lookalikes and the juxtaposition of the Maserati and Ferrari dealership just across the road made me laugh out loud! I truly admire cities with a sense of humour.


  1. Need those melting pictures! I agree re the heat and being out of SA. If it hits 22 degrees here I start to complain, I cant imagine being back in Joburg in Summer.

  2. Well done on coping so well in the humidity! Sounds like a lot of fun though. I'm flying to the UK with Alice for 3 weeks in August and am going to need a mega 'toddler survival kit''!!!

  3. @Intermittent - coming up later this week :)

    @Sarah - I will email you what I had for Monkey and you can add things for Alice :D


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