Tuesday 29 March 2011

Brisbane Part 2 - The Gallery of Modern Art

We did the Science Centre on one day, the Museum on another and the Library and GOMA on another. 

My favourite was the Gallery of Modern Art. There were interactive art pieces that Monkey could touch (gasp!) and play with. It's another place I want to re-visit once all the rebuilding is done... Their area specifically for children was destroyed in the flood. 

My top picks for little kids are the following displays - there are many more but these are the ones Monkey got really involved in.

Olafur Eliasson The cubic structural evolution project 2004 -  think millions of pure white pieces of lego on a white table, with all visitors encouraged to build a construction of their own and add it to the display. 

From Monkey's simple to the alarmingly complex.


Rivane Neuenschwander I Wish your Wish 2003 - Monkey was too interested in the lego to want to spend time at the wall of ribbon wishes! But the school age children spent ages choosing their wishes and walked around with their chosen wish proudly displayed on their wrists.




Martin Creed- For Work No. 956: Half the air in a given space (purple) 2008 - 3000 purple balloons, one glass room.... Not much more to say really!

He wants a room full of balloons for his birthday. No photos of the tears after we had to leave the room.

CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot - From here to ear - a roomful of coat hangers and finches. The most amazing live art I have ever seen or heard. Think wire coat hangers hung from piano wire and a flock of finches living in the room. With nowhere to perch but on the hangers, everytime they land, feed, nest, they make music. It was surreal. Monkey loved it. We ended up just sitting for ten minutes listening to the music. (Watch the video here as we weren't allowed to take photos.)


Sadly he was just too small for the slide exhibition or to fully interact with the other installations aimed at older children. I am also gutted that I couldn't have my photo taken under the pool installation.


Here is my second favourite installation - the Infinity Room - terrible photos but you'll get the gist of it! 


  1. Awe - that looks like it was amazing!
    The cubic structural evolution project - WOW :)


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