Tuesday 11 January 2011

What's with today, today?

Firstly a cyber high-five to anyone who can tell me which movie that quote is from!

Now. Seriously. WTF is up with today? Here's a list of what bugging/eating at me today:

  1. Monkey has been acting strangely all day. Crying for no reason, running away from his friend to hide by me. Ignoring me and his body (loooong story) and wetting himself at a friend's house.
  2. My inability to perk up even after a fair bit of caffeine.It may be the lack of chocolate in my bloodstream is hampering the absorption of the coffee goodness!
  3. The fact that Shirtless Boy next door seems to live up to his name every single day. Does anyone know what the opposite of a tramp-stamp is?? Tattoos on your stomach just look cheap and nasty. Especially when you get them in your late teens - you have no idea what it's going to look like when it's stretched to hell and back once your metabolism slows down!
  4. Dumbass Teen next door and his stupid scooter/scrub bikes!
  5. I haven't had a good night's sleep in about two weeks which may account for my mood - chronic pain is not as much fun as they say it is! 
  6. At least four blogs I read today were about people dying. May they rest in peace.
So as you can see I have not been happy today - my happiness quotient was about three out of a hundred. And then I got this in my inbox

"Thanks for nominating in our recent I LOVE YOUR BLOG competition. Because of your lovely votes, you’ve won yourself a prize! A lovely handmade Tote from MakeItGiveIt Blog!"
and this on my phone:
"I'm on the 4:05 train"
Triple squeal with a handstand

And suddenly I am feeling lighter... Happier... It's almost as if someone knew I was having a hard day and it needed fixing. Or it may be a reward for not reaching for the chocolate and the cookies as soon as I started to feel bad about things....


  1. pleased your day got better
    and praying you have a good day tomorrow

  2. Thanks! It did and I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

  3. "What's with you today? Yesterday you were normal and today you're like the chinese guy from the Karate Kid."

    "What's with today, today?"

    The film is Empire Records (1995)
    Cyber hi5 to you too! :D


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