Sunday 16 January 2011

Vegetarian Mains Week 2

Yes!! We made it another week! I didn't blog any of the recipes. But if you would like a recipe for any of them just ask in the comments and I will post the recipes.

Moroccan Lentils over Baked Potatoes (Jacket Potatoes)
Vegetarian Pizza (this is a weekly one as we have pizza nights on Fridays!) This week I had time to make the crust so it was almost all homemade.
"Mushroom Vegetable Mince" bolognaise - sliced capsicum/bell pepper, re onion, tomatoes; finely chopped (all in the food processor) broccoli, mushrooms and a tin of Italian tomatoes with olive oil and garlic. I meant to take a photo of it as it actually looked like mince - Stud1 didn't know the difference until he tasted it..
Mexican Rice with kidney beans and sliced avocado pear.
Non - Veg Mains 
Madras Mince and Rice (not my favourite this week)
        Ham rolls with Tsatsiki and resh corn on the cob 
BIRTHDAY MEAL - Slow baked ham with garlic bread, broccoli cheese and baked potatoes followed with Caramel Slice.  (You'll note the calories physically jumping of the screen)
 I think though that the week went well and even though I indulged today, I'm back onboard tomorrow and it will keep going well. Both Stud1 and I are not missing meat and other than the odd craving for a bacon sandwich when I pass a cafe, it's been easy!

Waist measurement down: 5cm

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  1. Yum! Sounds great. We only have meat a couple of times a week and definitely don't miss it, its cheaper that way too!


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