Friday 14 January 2011

Mummy Confession

Yesterday, Monkey was given a late Christmas present. He loved getting another present and ripped the wrapping and was in awe of the present. It is a great present. We thought of getting him a similar one. He has embraced it and played with it all day. It started at 6:30am and I finally confiscated it at 4pm. It has caused him to make up songs and dances. It will encourage creativity and numeracy skills (apparently: according to google) It, truly, is a great present. We will have to write a Thank You card. 

I f*cking hate Kawasaki Keyboards.


  1. lol Im sure hell enjoy it heaps more yet ;)

  2. He will and I don't really mind it... It's just that as a boy he only has one volume setting and that's loud :D

  3. LOL so true I have 2 boys :)


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