Thursday 13 January 2011

Seven Questions from Varotica

This morning I read this post by Varotica about whether we need one partner to fulfil only one need.

It ended with these questions...
a) A need that is satisfied by the Internet
I find that the Internet fills my need for information, entertainment and contact with far-flung friends.

b) A need that is satisfied by a partner
My husband is my anchor and sounding board as well as my best friend and the awesome father of my son.

c) Your “honest” reason for blogging (why did you choose this medium)
I started blogging as a way to include friends and family in Monkey's life but this blog is for me. I am using it to get rid of negative emotions, exercise my brain and ultimately if it helps someone or makes someone laugh - I am happy. To be ecstatic I would love a coffee company to sponsor my blog. 

d) Parents expectations you do or do not fulfill
That's a hard one. I honestly think that all the things I feel I don't do for my mom are all in my head. But the one that I think we agree on is that having my life's course has meant that she hasn't met her grandson and I regret that daily.

e) Actively choosing being Single or being in a relationship (is it possible?)
I think that you can actively choose to be single but as a relationship is a partnership it need the input of someone else. Of course if this is not true I am so in a relationship with Johnny Depp!

f) 10 reasons why to choose the one over the other - I choose relationship
  1. Love
  2. friendship
  3. hope
  4. security
  5. constancy
  6. sharing
  7. release
  8. sharing
  9. kisses
  10. cuddles
g) 10 steps to actively change one into the other
  1. stop looking
  2. join social clubs
  3. volunteer
  4. take a adult education course
  5. hang out with friends
  6. play a sport
  7. be comfortable with yourself
  8. ask friends for help if you find it hard to meet someone
  9. go to cafes, restaurants
  10. join a dating service


  1. Not what I expected, but that is what I like about this kind of thing! Fingers crossed for that coffee company to sponsor your blog!

  2. Yeah a coffee sponsorship would be awesome but highly unlikely :D

    I really enjoyed thinking about your questions and I honestly think you are very brave to do it alone.


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