Wednesday 12 January 2011

An A-ha Moment

Yes, I sound like Oprah. But it was an a-ha moment of note. Although, most of you would probably refer to it as a "Well d'uh" moment. But please bear with me...

Today Stud1 needed a lift to work. Instead of sighing etc I decided that Monkey and I would take the opportunity to do something fun and spontaneous. We packed some supplies (well Stud1 and Monkey did, while I got dressed) and headed to Eastbourne. We parked and walked to the local cafe for a coffee and fluffy. We then made our way to the park and played for about an hour before we headed to the beach. It was a windy day so there was no one else on the beach. It was perfect. We took our shoes off and explored under the wharf and picked up driftwood. Monkey explored a driftwood shelter someone had built. When he was tired of walking we sat down and watched the waves while having a snack.

Sitting there, quietly, listening to the waves, watching the ferry sailing out to the Cook Straight - it hit me. I never felt at home in the UK due to the fact that I didn't live near the sea. Which explains why I feel at home here in NZ... I need the sea and mountains. I grew up within fifteen minutes of the sea and the mountains. They are an integral part of my make up. 

I feel more at peace (and happier) when I am standing barefoot on the sand. I feel the energy of the universe. 

That feeling has stayed with me all day and I was even inspired to try doing an excercise routine...  (That would be an Uh-oh moment)

Now all I need is a house by the sea...


  1. Good for you for coming to the realization that the sea and mountains make you happy.

  2. Well ... now I have to come visit you! I want to see that! I have neither sea nor mountains ... I want the sea though, lived close to the sea for little over a year and really do miss it a lot!

  3. I have always lived within a close proximity to water. I don't know how I could ever live totally landlocked! Good to know that I am not alone in my total FREAKOUT at my hubby!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping to make my SITS feature day a great one!

  4. Growing up I lived an hour's drive from the sea in a semi-rural part of North Hampshire, England. I hungered for our long weekends away walking in places like the Peak District, Lakes, North Wales. I loved our holidays in Cornwall and Devon. I vowed that I would one day live in the hills close to the sea; I never thought I'd realize my dreams! But now I live in hilly Wellington, only 10 minutes walk from the sea!


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