Tuesday 28 December 2010

Where I've been the last few days...

The last few days have been a bit crazy here. I haven't felt much like blogging but Stud1 suggested I post today so that I have an outlet for the crazy (my word, not his!).

So this is where I am.
  1. Flowers for the funeral and my mom - check. *
  2. Eulogy agonised over and written, rewritten and edited through snotty glasses - check
  3. Short attention span - check
  4. Short temper with Monkey - check
  5. Random outbursts of anger - check
  6. Even more random tears - check
  7. Flare up of my Ank Spond - check
  8. Sickening pangs of regret - check
  9. Increasing lack of respect for members of my extended family - check
  10. Increased gratitude to commenters here and friends on Facebook for their kind words - check
  11. The overwhelming desire to stay in bed and eat my not-insignificant body weight in chocolate - check
  12. The desire to virtually shake some sense into people whilst trying to order food for the wake - DOUBLE FRIGGING CHECK. *
 * I ordered some gerberas for my mom. I'm hoping they will be a little bit of sunshine for her. I also got the least depressing funeral arrangement I could find.  I have been trying to order two simple platters of finger food for the morning tea after the funeral service on Thursday. I searched the internet flat (seriously it's not hard to do), phoned four or five places and they either can't deliver or won't accept credit cards over the phone. The stock reply is "Can't you come in and pay for it?" AFTER I've spent five minutes explaining the fact that I am in New Zealand. I can't make the 45 - 60 hour commute there for the family service on Tuesday, but of course I can make it to swipe my stupid credit card in your stupid machine.

At wits end last night I posted an appeal on good old FB for some help and a dear friend will pay for the eats and I'll transfer the funds to her. This is one way I can feel helpful and part of it.

So throw in a bit of normality of parks and shopping for Monkey and you have the last three days. Oh and throw in the worst storm (horizontal rain and 150km wind gusts) we've seen in ages and that's me in a nutshell.

I'll restart the 30 Days of Truth later tonight.


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