Sunday 26 December 2010

Bittersweet Festive Weekend.

As I sit here drinking a really good coffee, Stud1 bought me a stovetop espresso maker, I am thinking about yesterday and the day before.

Christmas Eve was wonderful. Stud1 had taken the day off work and he and Monkey spent the morning wrapping presents and doing boy stuff. I went to get the B-I-K-E and had a little wander around the mall. All was good and I was feeling happy and super-excited about life. Then I got a text from my mom saying that my Grandpa was in hospital and that the parcel still hadn't arrived!

It felt like the world had collapsed around me. I was back at that place I had only just left. The "Should-I-Fly-To-South-Africa" place. I hate that place. It took me a few hours to come to same decision I had made previously and I must admit, that I probably wasn't the most cheerful person to be with.

To help get me out of the slump we watched Graham Norton instead of Love Actually. Watching Love Actually would have made me feel even worse. But Graham Norton and some emergency chocolate was what I needed to get me through to bedtime without too many more tears and recriminations of selfishness and abandonment issues.


Dawned really early for us as, well, I couldn't wait to hear Monkey's reaction to the stocking on his bed. It was a long forty minutes to lie in bed waiting for the squeals. It was worth it though! He was in awe.

While we were making breakfast I checked my email and got a lovely albeit really sad email from a dear friend. And another. It reminded me of all of those I have left behind, but that thankfully technology has managed to keep us close. Skype calls to England and France kept everyone in the loop. I also got a text message from my mum saying her parcel had finally arrived!! She was thrilled!

Then it was PRESENTSES (Monkey's cute isn't he?) time! Wow! Spoiled much? Thankful? You bet!

We all got amazing presents from our family - special mention to Uncle Rocket Scientist for the Lush hamper for me and Pirate Ship for Monkey, Uncle Living Statue for the Gruffalo Sounds book.

Gramps and Nyamanyama gave Monkey some great toys, books and clothes. Nana gave him lovely handmade toys and books. We got him even more books, some blocks and puzzles. So all up he was spoiled rotten but to his credit he has played with everything except the puzzles...

Our Santa Day was filled with laughter, water pistol duels, bike rides and good food. I even managed to not freak out when I realised I had forgotten to defrost the sirloin steak for lunch. FTW!

Today, Boxing Day, dawned windy and a bit cool so we had breakfast and as we were getting ready to go brave the crowds to get something for Stud1's robot thingie, my mobile rang.

It never rings when Stud1 is home. My heart dropped. Caller ID confirmed my worst suspicion, it was Mom.

Grandpa had given up the fight late on Christmas Night (Boxing Day NZ-time).

RIP Richard Styan Newby. 27-03-1924 to 25-12-2010


  1. So sorry for your loss x

    Glad that you managed to find some peace on Christmas Day to see your little one enjoy the magic though x

    Best wishes for 2011, Sarah x

  2. My heart is heavy for you. Sometimes it is hard to act all happy when there is sadness around isn't it. I'm sure your grandpa wishes you to be happy though and for your heart to be comforted.
    All the best.

  3. Very sorry to read. He's in a better place. Thinking of you...

  4. I'm so sorry about your grandpa :(

  5. Sorry to hear about your Granpa - it's my worst fear. To lose someone back in SA and not be able to get back. I lost one of my best girl-friends in SA to leukeamia last year so I understand a smidgeon of what you must be feeling - my condolences and here's hoping 2011 brings joy to your life!

  6. I just realised I never thanked you all for your messages (above). Thank you. It really helped to read them.



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