Tuesday 14 December 2010

Memories of my wedding day.

15 December 2001. A month and one day before my 23rd birthday, Ten days before our flight to London. Ten years and eleven months since we met. The day we vowed to be together forever. In front of friends and family. And a group of tourists. The white lilies, only allowed in the church by special permission from the bishop as it was Advent. 

Your face as I walked down the aisle, your look of slight panic and dripping sweat in the 34 degree heat, Mega's grin when he finally stopped staring at the ceiling. Nyatchi and L's quiet presence by my side. Nyatchi, never once letting on that she had spent most of the previous night convincing Mega not to do a runner, and started up a 9 year long romance of their own. 

We made our vows as Rocket Scientist played The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli which was sung so beautifully from the gallery in the 100 year old stone church. Looking out into the church and trying to smile at everyone and not burst out laughing at the incongruity of seeing them all there, in the church I used to go to every Sunday. Candles were lit by our mothers and we lit our tapers from those flames to light our own candle. To start the light of our lives together. The surprise when I gave each of them their own bouquets. 

The words of Kahlil Gibran and the Apache Wedding Prayer echoing through the arches and the sun streamed through the stained glass windows. Rose petals and tears fell as we exited into the heat of the day. Tiny flower girls, high school friends, uni friends, work friends, family from all over the country, absent family and friends. All the sounds and the voices ringing out, almost drowning out the bells being rung. 

So many memories. It was a lifetime ago and yet I can remember every minute of it.


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