Wednesday 24 November 2010

In the pre-Moneky days: Pt 1

Last night as I was driving with Monkey to collect Stud1 from the station, I noticed a couple walking along the river.

It reminded me of life in the pre-Monkey days. Being able to go for walks in the evenings and talk things through. Being able to go out for a coffee and cake in the evening to talk and people watch.

It is so different now. It is harder to see the divide between me, Mummy and wife. I struggle to balance it. I miss being me. I miss being the wife Stud1 deserves. I think I have the mum thing covered. But I am not doing too well on the other two.

It's hard when we can't just up and go as the whim takes us. It's difficult to sit outside and chat when Stud1's work is often brought home. Sometimes it is easier to just surf the net, facebook and blog.

Maybe we should make a date every week to have a hot chocolate (can't drink coffee after 12) and chat... It's only 4 or 5 years until Monkey can go to bed at 8 right!

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