Tuesday 23 November 2010

What do I do?

Today was an amazingly beautiful day in Wellington. Luckily for us, we had made plans to meet a very pregnant friend for our last coffee before Baby arrives. In the most beautiful setting - Lady Norwood Rose Garden in the Botanical Gardens.

As I am a veteran *cough cough* SAHM mum of 32 months, I don't really notice the number of other SAHMs out with their little ones. Unless of course their kids are too noisy, too snotty, too rough or too cute. But my friend did. She was horrified surprised that the cafe would be full of women having coffee while their babies were sleeping and toddlers were having a snack. Which in turn surprised me... What on earth did she think we did all day?

Sit at home being SuperMum? Or the equivalent of a 1950s housewife? Or just sit at home while the kids bring themselves up?

But now that I think about it... what do I do?

Granted I have days when it is very hard to want to parent and Monkey does watch more DVDs than he should and has to play on his own more than I'd like him to. But for each of those days I try to make it up by going out to do something fun. The beach, the park, the ducks, the airport, a cafe, the mall. All things that get us both out and keep us both sane and can present us with many new challenges and learning opportunities. I also try to have a day or two a week where we stay home and vaguely pull the house straight, and we do the groceries. These are usually the days that we do art and crafty things or bake.

But I honestly have no idea what I do all day... I can get to the end of a day and think "My goodness, I am a super hero - I did 1.5 loads of washing! And didn't loose Monkey."

In the early days it was more along these lines "I had a shower and put on clean clothes. WHOOP!"

So what do we do as SAHMs? Other than drink fabulous flat whites in a fabulous setting?

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