Tuesday 23 November 2010

Something more uplifting than a great coffee.

What could possibly be better than a great coffee? Finding this on your facebook page when you wake up...

Just had this thought, that although I've never met you, to me you are like a good fairy, reminding me what is important among all the nasty things in this world, and making me feel warm inside. Thank you.

Thanks Kitteh, you made my day! And the feeling is mutual!

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  1. Thank you. This blog helps me to focus on the things I should stick to like trying to look at the bright side of everydat life (apart from constantly having my nose in a coffee cup :D being a terrible caffeine addict myself). You'd be surprised how much of optimism and strength it gives sometimes.
    And also, tells about things which I'd love to experience, but will take a while before I do, like motherhood, or having the person I love next to me, closer than 1500 miles away. So what I have left to do is smile, keep my fingers crossed for you and always wish you all the best.
    This blog is a perfect runaway from all the sadness and good read to go with my-afternoon-after-work-cup-of-coffee :)


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