Monday 2 November 2015

Castles in the sky.

Get your head out of the clouds
Dreaming helps less than wishful thinking
Get your feet back on solid ground

His voice faded behind the contrails
Behind the roar of the jet engines

As I rose through the sky,
Fingers trailing through the wet spun sugar,
My smile grew as I started to recognize
Where I was...

I was as close to heaven as any soul can be
Whilst still leaving their vapour on glass
I walked through the castles,
The churches and mausoleums in the sky
Touching the puppies, dragons and pirate ships 
As seen by those who still looked up in wonder at the castles in the sky
And those who still wonder that we can look down with out falling 
That we are here, feet on the ground,
Head in the clouds,
Our hearts in every place we have ever loved.

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