Thursday 7 August 2014

Cannot Forget

Cannot Forget

"We always have one" she said
draining another glass
"That one that stays with us,
in the back-to-front parts of our regret-blackened hearts.
the one who never saw us
for less than the sum of everything we'd let them see.
The one who knew us better than we knew ourselves.
Because we chose to be vulnerably real to them.
They live in the tears we cry at 3am after a night of laughing.
In a joke we can barely remember, they wait, holding the punchline in their eyes
They are in a shadow that falls across our faces
when we look too long at the candle or fire's flames.
They are in the moment we look at our lover
and cannot remember why they're in our bed.
They are in the whisper of song that brushes our skin,
like the warmth of a soft sigh.
They tear at us like a sandstorm on deserted beach
reminding us what it was like when we were young,
when we were too dumb to know what we had,
what we were playing with, playing for and
eventually what the real cost would be.
Darling, we always have one we cannot allow ourselves to forget."

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