Saturday 30 August 2014

A Night With Me and Pinot Gris.-

Not a bad drunk selfie!
A Night With Me and Pinot Gris.

words poured into my glass again
as quickly - my words poured between my lips
they became clearer and harder to hold in my heart
as more words flowed from the second bottle
last night my words tasted like fruity wine
last night my words would have gone well with seafood or Asian food
instead they poured into the room, onto a screen
they promised more than they should have
they shared more than they needed to
but they mixed well in my glass
and with the laughter and
with the tears
the words hold hope and desires
ones that have never been said before
and those that have been hidden behind the smiles
and reassurances of not rocking the boat

i hear them today, the light words that floated free
and i feel those that were too heavy to leave the glass
and i love that they're out now.
i love that a night of pinot gris means you know me.

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