Tuesday 6 May 2014



I watch you, sometimes,
when you're watching me
your eyes grow wider and then you glance at the floor or
anything but me.
I watch you, sometimes
and I catch myself and I wonder if you catch me
when I don't see you
It's like a game but I don't know which rules we're following
or what the prize is
If I look long enough will either of us know who won?

But maybe this isn't a game,
maybe it's a trap
a way to provoke me into watchfulness
so that I never miss a moment
that I see the nuances in life
and match them to your eyes,
the timbre of your voice

Or a way to make sure, we'll notice if we disappear
that we won't be allowed to fade away,
together we are accountable to each other
and that I will never become the smoke to your mirror


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