Sunday 4 August 2013

Love. Rocks.

Heart Shaped Rock
By Zing Photography
Today I had a belief I've always held, confirmed. That LOVE is what allows for the most change and growth to occur. It may not be easy. It may not be obvious. But the more you love others, the more they benefit. The more you benefit.

We all know that one person, or more if we're very lucky, who always leaves you feeling better. Always leaves you feeling loved and appreciated.

I am blessed that I know a few very special people who do this without even knowing they do it. They give so much to the world, and I hope they get as much in return.

The last nine months I have seen so much love, received so much love and given so much love. As I have been told many, many times - we are given trials and pain which we have to turn into gifts of knowledge and understanding for others when their time comes. My time to support others will come, or may already be - I may never know how much my life experiences have helped my friends and the people they know.

Love in all its forms - the rock on which I am trying to build my life...

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