Sunday 4 December 2011

Inpiration Weekly - Feet part 2!

I already wrote a poem this week about the journeys my feet have taken me on. But today on the way home from the zoo, I saw an unusual sight on the train.

A pair of black men's shoes. With special inserts and thicker than normal soles.

Placed neatly, side by side. In front of the carriage bench.

I kept my eye out for someone barefoot. Or for someone from an improv group. We traveled through six stations and they weren't claimed.

Now I wonder what their story is. Why were they there? Where was their owner? What happened to him? Or her?

Did their owner just forget them? Did they become ill and have to be rushed off the train? Did they just decide to be barefoot for the rest of the day?

In case you think I am slightly obsessed with these shoes, it's all shoes that a randomly scattered around town that pique my interest. Those that you see on the road... How do you lose a shoe while driving?

Or the pair that were neatly placed on the central reservation on a motor way... why?

Ok... rambling over... Happy Monday!!!


  1. Hmmmm, oh the adventures the pair of shoes could tell...

  2. I love that such a simple thing as shoes got your brain and your heart pumping so much. That is awesome. You see life in so many things.

  3. Yes, feet and shoes have had me thinking a lot this week.. :) x


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