Monday 26 August 2013


There are boxes, they said, boxes for us all.
We fit in one. 
Only one.
You cannot change your box for then you're not you.
There ARE boxes, she said, boxes for us all
Boxes to climb out of.
Boxes to break.
Boxes to burn from the inside out or the outside in.
Boxes to unpack and crawl through or in too.
A box may be your home for a while. 
Or it might not quite fit.
The boxes may feel like home or a cell or both.
A box may be taped shut or sliced open as the need arises.
A box in a box in a box it's true, but once you're out - you're you.
The box is not you nor are you the box.

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  1. Life is not a one liner. - Agent 54

    Never be afraid to be who you are. - Agent 54

    Take a comedy break - Agent 54


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