Tuesday 10 September 2013

To Write Love On Her Arms

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Tomorrow is a day to remember those we've lost due to suicide.

I've covered the two periods in my life where I thought it was a way out, away from the pain in 30 Days of Truth - Day 26. I've yet to quite come to terms with the fact that my father committed suicide and cut all chances at a reconciliation or understanding in that one act. But as I remind myself - it was his choice. It was not a reflection on me.

Today I want to remind myself of the things I've been told that I cling to when it gets hard. Hopefully they remind you of why you are important too - because I am by no means special or unique enough to have this only apply to me...

  • Depression and Anxiety are lying whores
  • You are strong enough to get past this hurdle
  • Too many people love you to give up on you
  • The voice in your head lies! 
  • The world needs you. Your world (family/friends/that guy at the cafe) needs you.
  • You are worth the pain you're going through. It will make you stronger!
  • You are beautiful. Flaws and all!
  • You can be forgiven for anything if you are still here. 
  • Medication can help.
  • You don't need medication for ever, just until you can maintain "okay" independently
  • Some of the greatest minds suffered highs and lows
  • Write it out - someone will want to know how you've gotten through today
  • It's ok to have shit days
  • It's ok to cry
  • It's ok to say "I'm not okay"
  • I love you 
Be strong, be brave, ask for help! You are worth the effort to ask for help. Keep asking. Ask your family, ask your friends, ask your doctor, ask a stranger... Just ask!

0508 828 865 - Lifeline 


  1. I also need to remember that the voice in my head lies, because it is extremely convincing at 12-3 am when I am convinced that I have nothing to show for my life! It's sad that we need to have World Suicide Prevention Day to highlight these issues when EVERY day should be World Suicide Prevention Day.

    1. Amen!! And you are so talented and have plenty to show for your life! Just keep remembering that at 12 - 3am!! We need you around us!


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