Thursday 27 June 2013

Prose for thought - Labelled.

Lined up, neatly.
Packed tall, but not too tall.
Taped, marked and recorded.
Rank and number, desired and discarded.
All in. All in.
A cardboard life sculpture,
and yet,
Not everything folds neatly into the six sided configuration of conformity.
Not everything fits into a box.

Prose for Thought


  1. Oh yes! This I can very much relate to - in life and in packing and in boxes and moving and in all the emotional attachments that go with it!! x

  2. Oh our desire to label and box up life but some things can not be contained. Really like this.

  3. No it does not. I'd hate to think that it ever would. Thanks for linking up to #Prose4T

  4. Sometimes in glum moments I think the opposite: that when you're thinking outside the box, really you're just thinking inside a bigger box. :) But most of the time I'm with you!


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