Thursday 18 July 2013

A poem: I'm stuck

I'm stuck in mud. 
Life has kidnapped my passion
Words are jammed in my brain and I can't get them out. 
I'm shaking my head, trying to dislodge them,
they're sticky syllables refusing to stick to anything but the gray.

I'm trying to write my thoughts or a stream of consciousness.
My consciousness is unconscious. 
My thoughts are hiccoughing and limping over hot coals
next to the dried-up stream

I'm stuck between the cursor and the screen
the ink and the page
I'm stuck and I've tried it all.
I'm stuck. But... I'm still trying to force it out.
Pay the ransom, find the cure, find a key - get it out.

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  1. I feel like that at the moment with my blog :( I think life gets in the way


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