Monday 18 February 2013

I'm here...


I am still here. I am still finding my way and I am now smiling.

It's been an interesting few weeks. I have had many realisations regarding my married life, my relationship with myself and with men. It's been harrowing. It's been eye-opening. It's been fun. It's been frightening. And I am ok with all of those emotions.

My realisation two weeks ago, that I was no longer required to care about what he did or wanted or needed because he had chosen not to factor me into his life, released me. I hadn't realised just how trapped I had been. How held back and stifled I had been.

I have found a new strength. I have grown a pair! I am not taking his shit on board anymore and I am not taking anyone else's either. I have enough of my own to deal with.

Since he left us and I have found my strength - friends and family have been sharing insights with me. Things I never saw, things I can see now and wonder how I missed it...

I'm not sure if I'll share them publicly but I just want you to know... if you are doubting where you are in your life. Ask a good friend. Listen to them. They hold your happiness dearer than you do - they will tell you the truth and unfortunately - if it's a bad truth - it's still real. They will help you through it and they are the wake up you may need.


  1. Very strong - but I know it takes a lot of work too and I really admire you taking on this new path that life has thrown you on to. You come across so 'free' and 'liberated' - you excel at being free! Love you to bits beautiful woman xx


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