Saturday 9 February 2013

21 things to know at 21

  1. Take many, many photographs - make them into books
  2. Talk to more people, hear their stories.
  3. What you do now counts, not what you plan to do.
  4. Be who you are, not who others want you to be.
  5. Trust yourself. 
  6. Believe in something. 
  7. Explore your beliefs and those of others.
  8. Your friends will become family.
  9. Your family may become friends.
  10. The world is huge.
  11. The world is minute.
  12. You will change.
  13. You will cry.
  14. You will grow.
  15. Music will linger
  16. Trust in life. 
  17. Don't be afraid.
  18. Make mistakes, often, learn from them!
  19. Do what you love.
  20. Play!
  21. Don't grow up too soon.

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