Saturday 5 January 2013

Lessons learnt over the last 6 weeks.

Outeniqua Pass looking down towards the ocean.
  1. Perspective can be found in odd places.
  2. People can remind you to find something you can't remember losing.
  3. There is always that one "what if" person in your past. Sometimes there are two. Sometimes you get to meet them again. And learn something new about yourself.
  4. Age is nothing but a number. Wisdom comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. As does love, friendship and peace of mind.
  5. Places change but the emotions in them linger.
  6. People change as they grow older but there is always part of them that is the person you knew when you were 22.
  7. Old friends can be just the tonic you need.
  8. If you sit quietly enough you might just find that miracle.
  9. True love waits for you, fights for you and holds on to hope for you. It breaks rules for you and moulds to you.
  10. Sometimes you just need to let go of your inhibitions.
  11. True friends will amaze you more often than they will disappoint you.
  12. Time passes but the voices of the past echo in the present. Listen to them.


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