Monday 1 October 2012

Tap. tap. is this thing on?

*peers out into the bloggyverse*

Hello? Hello?

Anyone out there?

It's been thirty days and 46193 words since I really spoke to any of you.  Boy, have I missed you and my little space in the bloggyverse! I missed having time to read about your adventures and sharing some of mine. Although to be honest my adventures have been confined to a purple seat at the library.

I hope you're still with me and haven't found someone else to drink coffee with online. I'm looking forward to blogging regularly again and can't wait to hear from all of you!


And yes the 46193 words will be finished off into a novel - I love the story too much to leave Lucy, James and Matty stuck on my harddrive for all eternity.


  1. YAYAY! I was wondering if you would finish it!

    Please! Do! How many words is an average novel (how many will you aim for?) Please dont lose motivation for it!

    I'll buy a copy!


  2. hi :)

    Id love to read your story

  3. You are amazing to undertake a novel. I barely have time to write a shopping list. Good luck

    1. Thanks Vixie. I think you're excused from writing novels with two littlies - Monkey is at kindy for 4 hours a day so I got time in the morning to sit and write. Couldn't have done it with a little one/two :D

      It has been a hard slog to get focused enough to get the words down but I've been working with some truly wonderful people who are very supportive.

      It's something I've wanted to do for ages and I just needed the push to get it done...

  4. Congrats on all the hard work. What kind of book is it?

    1. It's a young adult novel about 3 teenagers and their involvement in using social media in international protests.


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