Wednesday 3 October 2012

Lyrical Sunday Prompt: Daylight

It's back and oh gosh have I missed writing poetry. I miss the feel of the words, the fact that it can be straight from the heart or the psyche. I missed being in control of the words. I missed it so much, that I am pretty sure my first poem back in the saddle is going to be dire.

But I hope you'll join me again and maybe even welcome some new voices.

So a quick reminder - Lyrical Sunday for me is about poetry but for you it can be anything (any media) that expresses your emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way. 

This week's prompt is 



  1. Oh yes, the daylight, SO happy the extended hours are here! Here's mind -

    I had it written already - great minds think alike! x

  2. On it!

    Might even try some Iambic Pentameter. ;)

    1. Show off! Seriously though I need lessons if you've got the hang of it.

      Looking forward to seeing your work on Sunday.


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