Wednesday 9 May 2012

The voices in my head.

This morning I heard a quote on the radio - something about the first step being the hardest part of anything.

I struggle to get past that first step. I have about fifteen projects I have taken a half-step on. I have ideas that are swirling through the confines of my imagination, yet to see the light of even being written down.

The voice in my head keeps me from taking that step. It tells me I will fall, trip, stumble, skin my knee, get laughed at, pointed at, teased, hurt. It tells me there is no point to take that step. That I will fail.

The voice in my head then teams up with my old friend Guilt, and they sit and chat about all the things I do wrong, the things I have done wrong, should have done differently, shouldn't have done, could have done better. They discuss at length the opportunities I missed, words I said or didn't say and those that were misinterpreted.  They point out all of the things I hate about myself and all my insecurities. They really get on well.

I wish they'd stop.

I guess the only way to have them stop is to take that step.


  1. Love it! I am so with you! Need to take that step and turn off that broken record and move forward! Good luck hun :o)

  2. I have learnt one very real lesson in recent times...

    Depression Lies!

    You may not be experiencing depression, or you might - it is still true that the inner critic lies to you. It's how it keeps it's power over you and once you can tell it to bugger off you are 99% of the way to being truly happy.

    Just my $0.02 on this subject.

  3. You and me are so similar, but the last little bit has been a time of discovery for me and a time of getting to know myself and becoming brave.


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