Sunday 13 May 2012

Lyrical Sunday: Numbers

Welcome to this week's Lyrical Sunday. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend and that if you are celebrating Mother's Day that you have been spoiled!

It's all a matter of numbers.
when we’re young
we want them to be bigger
yet when they are
we start taking off ten or more
we want to take home six or seven
the numbers double when we share with friends
halve when we tell the truth
we need to be a two, four or at most an eight
at an eighteen we pine for the years we were a ten
some we make up
others we deny
one or the other ninety-nine
we aim for some
we wish ourselves back to our better ones
measure ourselves by where we will be at the next one
or the fifth one from now
it’s all a matter of numbers -

© 2012 Latte Junkie 


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