Monday 16 April 2012

What I did last Saturday.

Captain Awesome organised "date night", and booked tickets to Richter City Roller Derby's first bout of the season - Smash Malice vs Comic Slams.
Photo courtesy of Jedsoane
We only knew about roller derby from the movie Whip It and weren't entirely sure what to expect. Suffice to say we LOVED it! It was fast paced, exciting and fun to watch. 
Photo courtesy of Jedsoane

It was the first sporting contest I have ever screamed at. Ever. We started backing Comic Slams as our fantabulous babysitter's friend is Ana Pave-u'ova.
Miss Pave-U'ova - Photo courtesy of Jedsoane
My favourite player is Jammie Dodger - her gorgeous little girls were sitting in front of us. She was impressively fast and super-competitive.

Photo courtesy of Jedsoane

Cafe Chick was also in the crowd and has written a great explanation of the rules and the bouts.

Maybe we'll see you in the stands next month?

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  1. I LOVE derby! Sadly there is only one place for bouts in Chch now so they are few and far between. If I had more spare nights I would totally join.
    It is so fun to just pick a team and back them, it is so easy to get into it and caught up!


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