Sunday 29 April 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Mess


I was a mess,
Emotions strewn like the laundry around the lounge,
the dishes undone, the rooms unswept.
I fell apart, contained only by my skin and a little voice,
the pieces of my mind abandoned on the counters and floor 
like the sheets of paper that never made it to where they went.

I was a mess,
Thoughts thrown awry, untidy even for me,
like drunken mice they gnawed away at exposed nerves
breaking little by little all sense of order.
Forgetting who I was as I forgot what I was doing,
where things went or why I was in a room.

I was a mess, 
I couldn't see myself for the mess,
I don't know if anyone did.
The new normal for me,
scattered, broken, messy
it was me.

I was a mess,
All people saw was the mess,
not the mess I was,
but the mess I let slide,
which gathered around me,
followed me.
That which I couldn't see.

I see it now captured forever,
in the photos of you as a baby.
A reminder of the mess I made of it.
I crop the photos and try to cut out the reminders,
but they are there, seared into my conscience -
I was a mess.

© 2012 Latte Junkie 


  1. C, I could have written this (not so eloquently though!) Bravo.

    Here's my contribution for this week.

  2. I love your poem, haha love Lien's comment x

  3. Oh, sob, you have me welling up in tears and I, like so many, can relate to all you beautifully, bravely and painfully wrote. This is so incredible.

    It was also so good to see you today - I'm just sorry I wasn't home when you arrived! Glad the crew 'kinda' looked after you ;) (Charlotte didn't realise you were 'Latte Junkie' till after you'd gone and I explained - I really should have made introductions better!).

    Hope you have a good week, Sarah x

  4. This had me in tears. You have nailed exactly how I was feeling. Amazing writing. xo

  5. Excellent poem ~ hope all is better for you now ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Ahh you may have been a mess. But you are no more. hugs and thank you for joining in the hop fun xo


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