Monday 30 April 2012

Lego Expo

On Saturday we got a message from a friend who knows the current level of lego obsession in the Latte house. There was a Lego Expo in town - only two hours to go. Putting this into perspective - we live forty minutes outside of town. But being the crazy indulgent wonderful parents that we are - we hopped in the car and went to Capital E
Monkey hoped to find more of the Batman Lego there - but it hasn't been released in NZ yet. Thanks again to  a very dear friend for sending him some for his birthday.

He's pointing at an X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars. I only know this because it's on the t-shirt he was wearing.  Nyamanyama and Gramps do know how to keep him trendy!

Not entirely sure who was having more fun - Captain Awesome or Monkey... My money is on Captain Awesome  and his new desire to buy Lego Technics
On our way back to the car he had to sit and "get some lovely refreshing cool air from the sea". 


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Love the batman lego.

  2. Oh what? My Legoman would love a Lego Expo!! I hope it comes here!!

    1. I think it was a one-off by the Wellington Rotary :( I'll see if I can find out more about it and let you know.


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