Friday 27 April 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five - Music Video Edition.

It's been a good week, filled with love, laughter, tears and many many in-jokes. It's too hard to pick out one favourite out of it all, let alone five.

It has also been a week filled with music, listened to and sung-along-to as Monkey has been listening to the lyrics of songs and asking questions about the meaning of the lyrics. Trying to explain the meaning of songs is not something I thought I'd have to tackle for a while yet but he's asking so we're trying to go with it.

It's been challenging as he is a bit young to understand irony and metaphor but it has been fun. I'm amazed at what he's picking up and the maturity of some of his opinions and the time he takes to reflect on the meaning behind the lyrics and how they work with the melody. It has also been a timely reminder to be even more aware of what we're playing!

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  1. I love all of these songs. I know what you mean about being careful about what music you listen to around kids!


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