Sunday 22 April 2012

Lyrical Sunday - If I could...

If I could

Imagine if I could capture this moment,
Capture it in a crystal locket and wear it always.
Imagine if I could capture your voice,
Capture it in a tiny shell and holding it close,
Have you whisper in my ear.
Imagine if I could hold this time,
In the palm of your small hand,
Holding you close to my heart always.
Imagine if I could...

© 2012 Latte Junkie 

Should I, Could I?
Should I just write and hope that it will all come flowing from within
or could I just wait and see if it will fall out of my brain fully formed
squalling and screaming, announcing its perfectly timed arrival
or will it just stagnate, hiding, hidden?

Should I just write and hope that the words running through my mind
will fall in line, neatly, poetically, and pour out onto the blank white
tidily and perfectly, connecting with the reader
or will they stumble and damn?

Or could I just write and hope that the words are read with understanding
not misinterpreted and used a weapons, blunt objects
rather than the fluid, lyrical outpouring of my soul
or the confessions of one who has held on too long?

Could I? Should I, if I could?

© 2012 Latte Junkie 

As always, feel free to link up in the comments - any form of creative expression is welcomed, even if you don't think it's creative enough, it will be... 


  1. LOVE your first poem - so beautiful and full of love.

    And I really understand and like the second one too x

    I had fun doing the theme you set this week ;) -

  2. Your first piece communicate my sentiments exactly, and I'm glad I wrote my post before reading yours (purposefully).

    Here's my link for If I could...


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