Monday 12 December 2011

A tree, a hot chocolate and a new do!

The  Swarovski Tree in Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

It's seems like it's been ages since I have blogged. This weekend has been full-on busy. So busy that Monkey and I will probably spend the day in PJs.

Saturday was an adventure in itself. We headed to QVB for morning tea and a wander. The tree was up and it was amazing! 66000 lights and 144000 Swarovski crystals. AMAZING I could have spent hours staring at it.

Even their Santa's grotto was decorated in crystals - so magical.

After  looking at things in shops we could never afford without a second mortgage, we went and played at the park, bought Monkey a change of clothes and had a delicious lunch at a Brazilian churrasco - complete with whole pigs over hot coals.

Stud1's special suckao - make your own hot chocolate...
Apparently it was delicious and fun to make.

Santa's Grotto - the dome is filled with chains of crystals.

I couldn't get a good shot of the crystal chandelier decorations :(
When we got home, Stud1 told me that I should go and get my hair coloured. I have been talking the talk for about a year now but never actually been brave enough to make an obvious change. Until now.

Now I am sporting dark copper with light copper highlights. My mother will be in hysterics when I tell her... She is a natural red head, the most amazing deep red/chestnut BUT I vowed never to have red hair or kids with red hair... 

So with the instructions to come back with a noticeable change - I went to a great hairdresser (Korean) who did a pretty awesome job of cutting it all choppy and changing the colour. Monkey wasn't too impressed though - apparently my hair isn't comfortable anymore...

My new do :P


  1. looks good!! :) (ooooo that hot chocolate looks interesting!!

  2. like the new hairdo - xx hot chocolate looks fun as well xx


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